Cabre Sweeps Tulsa Shootout!!

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Third annual Sim Tulsa Shootout Results:

(Tulsa, OK) The third annual Sim Tulsa Shootout took place this week at the Tulsa Expo Raceway in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In the first night of racing action it would be the wingless 600’s hitting the track for their heat races and qualifier events. Anton Hernandez would be high point man of the evening and would start on the pole for Thursday main event. In the second night of action it would be the winged 600’s this time with Justin Clark winding up atop the leader board in points and starting pole for Thursday’s 55 lap main event.

In tonight’s finale action we would see Chase Cabre, Jeff Burba, Michael Cawvey, and Denny Felker Jr. coming home with the wins in the 12 lap B Main events in the wingless portion. In the wingless LCQ Chase Cabre would once again come home with the win after starting on the pole. In the winged B Main events it would be Joshua Gayman, Dustin Stroup, Tim Campbell, and Cole Cabre grabbing the wins and advancing to the LCQ. In the final qualifying event of the night Dustin Stroup would win the 12 lap winged LCQ event.

In the first of two A main events on the card for tonight’s racing action Chase Cabre would come from the 14th starting spot after transferring through the LCQ and go on to pick up his first ever Tulsa Shootout victory but that wouldnt be it for him. Coming home in second was Alex McCollum and rounding out the podium was Adam Elbert. In the 55 lap winged main event Chase Cabre would come from the third starting spot and sweep the Tulsa Shootout for the first time ever! Daltyn England would wind up second with Kaleb Montgomery following right behind. Special thanks to everyone who supported this event and we hope that everyone enjoyed it!

Full Results:

Non Wing A Main (25 Laps):

1 Chase Cabre
2 Alex McCollum
3 Adam Elby
4 Kevin J Holley
5 Joshua Gayman
6 Kyle Spence
7 Denny Felker Jr
8 Dustin Stroup
9 Justin Clark
10 Cole Cabre
11 Nick Cooper
12 Daltyn England
13 Davey Scovel
14 Anton Hernandez
15 Matt Kay
16 Kaleb Montgomery
17 Chase Hill
18 Kevin Loveys
19 Michael Cawvey
20 Ross Wece
21 Tyler Edwards
22 Garrett Green

Winged A Main (55 Laps):

1 Chase Cabre
2 Daltyn England
3 Kaleb Montgomery
4 Justin Clark
5 Nick Cooper
6 Joshua Gayman
7 Chase Hill
8 Adam Elby
9 Cole Cabre
10 John Helms
11 Tim Campbell
12 Anton Hernandez
13 Dillon Paddock
14 Lane Goodman
15 Dustin Stroup
16 Denny Felker Jr
17 Tyler Edwards
18 Davey Scovel
19 Kyle Spence
20 Alex McCollum
21 Kevin Loveys
22 Gary Peck
23 Doug Gavette

2016 Tulsa Shootout presented by TruSpeed Motorsports and SimPro Racing Series!!

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(Broad Top, PA) The third annual Tulsa Shootout presented by TruSpeed Motorsports and SimPro Racing will take place on January 19th-21st. Thanks to Chris at Stringy’s Speed Shop there will be a $100 payout once again for both divisions, Beau at SimPro has also put up an SPR license for the highest finisher in each main event that currently isn’t a license holder.

Schedule of Events:

Night #1 January 19th

Winged Heat Races & Qualifiers

Night #2 January 20th

Non Wing Heat Races & Qualifiers

Night #3 January 21st

Winged and Non Wing Non-Qualifiers & Features

Previous Winners-


Winged – Austin Carr
Non Wing – Brennan Rogers


Winged – Mike McKinney
Non Wing – Kevin J Holley


DM16 Winter Freeze Series Cancelled!

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(Broad Top, PA) TruSpeed Motorsports officials got together and decided today that the best decision would be to cancel the remainder of the series. With all of the drama going on between teams in the Dirt Late Model rFactor community and the poor racing and tons of glitches that the Dirt Motorsport 16 cars provide we believed that it was in our best decision to do so. With the recent announcement of the Dirt Late Model Sim 2.5 release there is a possibility of a new series to come with those but no certainty of that yet. We hope that everyone understands this decision and look forward to seeing everyone support our Saturday Night Super DIRTcar Sim Series and other upcoming special events and leagues.